Абдуразоков Хабибулло


(11.07.1937), actor, director, Public Artist of Tajikistan (1987). Member of the Union of Cinematographers of the USSR (1973). He was awarded the Order of “Friendship of Peoples” (Order of the USSR, 1980), (Friendship - Order of the Republic of Tajikistan, 1998), an honorary diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of Tajikistan, and the medal For Valiant Labor. In commemoration of the centenary of the birth of V.I. Lenin ”(1970), a medal of the 16th session Supreme Council of the RT. He graduated from the Tajik studio (artistic directors honored artists of Tajikistan, professors O. I. Pyzhov and B. B. Bibikov) State Institute of Theatrical Art named A.V. Lunacharsky (Moscow, 1960). Higher directorial courses at the same institute (workshop of National Artist of the USSR N.P. Okhlopkov, Moscow, 1964). 1960-1961 - actor of the Leninabad Theater of Musical Comedy, in 1961-1969 - actor of the Academic Drama Theater named A. Lahuti, in 1969-1971 - The main director of the Leninabad Theater of Musical Comedy, in 1971-1973. - Chief Director of the State Youth Theater. In the years 1973-1975 worked at the Tajikfilm studio as a production director. In 1987 - 1990 was elected Chairman of the Union of Theater Workers of Tajikistan. Since 2002 he is the director and artistic director of the non-governmental theater "Padida". On the stages of theaters, he staged many performances, including: “The Dead” B. Nushich, “Rustam and Sukhrob” A. Firdousi (together with F. Aleksandrov), “Innkeeper” K. Goldoni, “Bridge” F. Niyazi, “Crossroads” N. Tabarov. On the stage of the State Academic Drama Theater named A. Lahuti created large images in the performances of the classical repertoire and according to modern plays, including: Karl Moor (“The Robbers” by Schiller), Chatsky (“Woe of the Mind” by Griboedov), Lyubim Tortsov (“Poverty is a vice” by A. Ostrovsky), poet Khurshed (“Flame of Freedom” by G. Abdullo), Yodgor (“Dohunda” S. Aini) and many others. In honor of the 70th anniversary of the actor and director, a collection of articles “A man in a city, a city in a man” was published, dedicated to his multifaceted activities, including his work in the cinema. In the national cinema of 1961, he created many vivid roles in Tajik and foreign feature films. The actor has a deep penetration into the psychology of the hero during filigree modeling of the external image, acute social typing. FILMOGRAPHY. He played roles in feature films: “There Will Be No Silence” (1961), “Peace Time” (1962), “The Moneylender's Death” (1965), “Treason” (1967), “Exposure” (1969), “Third Daughter” ( 1971), “Four from Chorsang” (2 episodes, television, 1972), “Hello, good man” (1973), “Five on the Trail” (1973), “The Secret of the Forgotten Crossing” (1973), “Mountain Station” (tel. , 1973), “White Road” (1974), “Sunrise over the Ganges” (2 episodes, 1975), “The Legend of Siyavush” (2 episodes, 1976), “On the steepness” (2 episodes, tel., 1976), “ Siege ”(1977),“ Man Changes the Skin ”(5 episodes, tel., 1978),“ Control Strip ”(1980),“ Reputation ”(tel., 1984),“ Lame Dervish ”(1986),“ Extra Arrives on the second path ”(2 episodes, tel., 1986),“ Glance ”(1988),“ The Simple Life of Amin Bobo ”(short, 1988). Performer of the role in the feature film of the Black Angel television studio in Dushanbe (1963); feature films of the Uzbekfilm film studio: “Serving the Fatherland” (1980), “Hunting with the Devil” (1983), “Waiting for the Father” (television series, TVT, 2005 ), "Prisoner" (production of Germany, 2006), “Shukrona” (Iranian television series 2008), “In the Eyes of the Wind” (television series 24 series, Iran, 2010).