(27.03.1935) actor, filmmaker, Popular Artist of Tajikistan(2008). He was awarded three certificates of honor of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of Tajikistan (1957, 1964.1972), a certificate of honor of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of Uzbekistan, a certificate of honor of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Yakut ASSR (1972), and a prize of the KGB of the USSR named F. Dzerzhinsky (1981). Member of the Union of Cinematographers of the USSR (1958). He graduated from the acting department of the Tajik studio (artistic director, associate professor Kh.M. Kozhevnikov) named A. Ostrovsky Tashkent Theater and Art Institute (1960): directing department (workshop of Popular Artist of the USSR S. A. Gerasimov) of the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (Moscow 1965). He began acting in films since 1956 at the Uzbekfilm studio. Since 1958, he has been an actor in Tajik cinema, since 1964 he has been an actor and director of feature films, a director of documentary films. Participation in International Film Festivals: the prize for the best male role in the film “The Fate of the Poet” of the International Film Festival in Cairo (1960); diploma "For the best debut" of the film screening of Central Asia and Kazakhstan in Ashgabat (1966) for the production of the film "Nisso"; USSR KGB Prize (1981) for the film "Doublet Shooting". In acting, he has come a long way from the actor of a “romantic” style to a more complex, multifaceted realistic one. As a director, he is most interested in the sharp plot, the unusual situations, the romantic coloring of the characters of the characters. FILMOGRAPHY. He played roles in feature films of the Uzbekfilm movie studio: Avicenna (1956), Lenin's Travel Package (1957), “Fascinated by you” (1958), “Towards You” (1972); Tajikfilm studios: “High position” (1958), “The fate of the poet” (1959), “It's time for my son to marry” (1960), “Nasruddin in Khojent” (1960), “Banner of the blacksmith” (1961), “Until tomorrow” "(1963)," He loves - does not love "(1963)," Peacetime "(1964)," My heart is in the mountains "(1968)," Who used to be "(3 episodes, television, 1973)," On the steepness " (tel., 1974), “That will become everything” (3 episodes, tel., 1975) ,”The Siege “(1977), Doublet Shooting (1979), Criminal and Lawyers (1980), My Love is Revolution (1980), Look More Fun (3 episodes, tel. 1983), Atonement "(1987). Performer of the role in the feature film "Eternal Movement" (film studio "DEFA", Germany, 1980). Art Director films: “Nisso” (1965), “My Heart is in the Mountains” (1968), “Secret of Ancestors” (1971), “Siege” (1977), “Doublet Shooting” (1979), “Look Fun” (3 episodes, tel. 1983). He is the author of the script and director of the art video film “And Follow Me the Path Designated by Fate” (2 episodes, 1998). The author of the scripts for documentaries: "Khorog" (1972), "Gushtingiri" (co-author, 1972). Director of documentaries: “Savgand” (“Oath of allegiance”, 1974), “Rhythms of Kulyab” (1974), “To a single family of peoples” (1975), “We are led by power lines” (co-director, 1975), “Muallim” (1981), Director of the documentary film "Shahimardon" ("Uzbekfilm", 1973).