асли бурханов


January 8, 1915 (Bukhara) - December 26, 1998 (Dushanbe) Tajik Soviet actor, director. Popular Artist of the Tajik SSR (1945). Popular Artist of the USSR (1965). In 1932 he began his professorship and stage activity at the Bukhara Music and Drama Theater. Since 1933 - actor of the Theater named Lahuti (Dushanbe). On the stage of this theater, he created images of strong, courageous people, fighters for the freedom of the people, and played a number of striking roles. Duplicated films in the Tajik language. THEATER WORKS Khushvakt - “Slander,” Saidmuradov and Ismailov; Salim - The Red-Stickers, Ulug-zade; Yodgor - “Dohunda,” Ikrami; Alisher Navoi – “Alisher Navoi”, Uygun and Sultanov; Rudaki - “Rudaki”, S. Ulugzod (dir. H. Rakhmatullaev); Kent - "King Lear", W. Shakespeare; Iago – “Othello”, W. Shakespeare; Khlestakov – “The Examiner”, N.V. Gogol; V.I. Lenin - “A Man with a Gun”, A. Kapler and Zlatogorov; V.I. Lenin - “Unforgettable 1919”, V.Vishnevsky; V.I. Lenin - “Hurricane”, AbdulloiKiyamov. Stage Director: “The Teacher of Love”, Mirshakar (1945); “Saodat”, Saidmuradov and Rabiev (1956); “The Dead”, Mamedkulizade (1963); “Two Veronts”, W. Shakespeare (1966); and etc. PRIZES AND AWARDS Laureate of the State Prize of the Tajik SSR named Rudaki - for theatrical work (1970) The order of Lenin Medal "In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin" (1970)