Congratulatory Message from the Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, esteemed Emomali Rahmon on the occasion of National Unity Day

Dear compatriots!

I sincerely congratulate all of you and foreign compatriots on the glorious date – National Unity Day, which is one of the important holidays of the period of independence of our country. Ensuring peace, tranquility, political stability and national unity, originating from the XVI session of the Supreme Council of the country, laid a solid foundation for ending armed confrontation, war and bloodshed, rallying the Tajik nation, returning refugees to their homeland, building a democratic, legal, secular state and education fair legal system. That is why the question of national unity has become one of the highest values of our society, it is of great importance and dear to the glorious people of Tajikistan. Today, we proudly declare that every patriotic citizen of the country makes efforts to strengthen peace, tranquility, political stability, protect the borders of the republic, strengthen the foundations of national statehood, develop the state and improve our beloved homeland. The imposed civil war, which occurred due to the unforgivable fault of the leaders of the party that brings the death of the nation, that is, the former terrorist extremist Islamic Revival Party and their foreign patrons, in other words, the traitors and enemies of the Tajik nation and the newly regained independence of the Tajik state, caused the death of more than 150 thousand citizens of Tajikistan. The main goal of these enemies was to forcibly form an Islamic state in Tajikistan and in the same way to impose an alien culture on our people. This group of traitors to the nation, even after the signing of the peace agreement, which happened on June 27, 1997, for several years was engaged in its dirty hostile actions, that is, undermining objects and buildings, murders, robberies and terror, even several times attempted a military and state coup. Therefore, such a betrayal of the leaders of this terrorist party by the people of Tajikistan and the history of our nation will never be forgotten or forgiven. Our citizens, especially adolescents and youth, must always remember that the national unity of Tajiks was achieved after incredible efforts. Peace and tranquility, political stability, unity and mutual understanding for the people of Tajikistan became possible as a result of the intense efforts of the conscious, watchful and insightful sons and daughters of the nation, lengthy and difficult negotiations, at the cost of the lives of thousands of patriotic people who love their homeland. In this regard, I want to remind once again one important point. We have not signed a single agreement with the terrorist-extremist Islamic Revival Party. The government of the country signed a general agreement on the establishment of peace and national harmony in Tajikistan with the Joint Opposition Forces. In other words, in that period, which for the ancient Tajik people was truly fatal, the leadership of the state and the Government in order to prevent a terrible tragedy, that is, the disappearance from the political map of the world of the young Tajik state and the separation of the Tajik nation, it was necessary to make unprecedented efforts to save any at the cost of state and nation. With a deep awareness of our responsibility to the inhabitants of the country and the future of the state, we have taken all possible measures to stop the war and bloodshed, restore calm, political stability, which was the dictate of life and the only dream in that dangerous tragic time for the people of Tajikistan, whether old or young. First of all, we began to restore the activity of almost paralyzed state structures and bodies, while returning more than one million of our compatriots to their homeland as refugees in countries near and far abroad. Then we began constitutional reforms and created a professional parliament, along with this we embarked on fundamental changes in the economic and social life of society. Thanks to the adoption and implementation of the necessary measures, we were able, with the full support of the glorious Tajik people, to rescue society and the state from the difficult political, economic, social and moral crisis and determine the path for further development of Tajikistan. Therefore, today I again proudly declare that ensuring peace and tranquility, political stability and national unity is a great and historical merit of the Tajik people themselves, this is their feat and victory. At present, our native Tajikistan, in an atmosphere of peace, stability and national unity, is firmly advancing to meet its even brighter future. The plans and programs that we adopted in the name of national development, which unite the nation and the state today and tomorrow, find consistent implementation by the common creative efforts of the people of Tajikistan. It should be especially noted that the country’s citizens selflessly work for a worthy meeting of our great sacred national holiday – the 30th anniversary of State Independence. That is, in the process of beautification of our beloved Motherland, the patriotic contribution of the country’s inhabitants, whether old or young, entrepreneurs and businessmen, philanthropists and foreign compatriots, is increasing today. I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all of them for honest and conscientious work. I want to emphasize the active role of the patriotic youth of Tajikistan in protecting the achievements of independence, the development of all spheres of society and the improvement of the land of our ancestors. We are proud that Tajikistan is considered one of the youngest countries in the world with an average age of 24 years, and the contribution of youth as a creative force is very significant in the development and improvement of the country. In the name of educating cadres from among adolescents, boys and girls in accordance with the requirements of the new era, we have declared the development of science and education, especially the natural and mathematical sciences, a priority. For the future of Tajikistan in many respects depends on the development of the mentioned sciences, and the country’s progress is in the hands of the cadres of the new era, that is, specialists of a high professional level. I also want to emphasize that the protection of the independence and sovereignty of the Motherland, the continuous strengthening of the sense of national self-awareness and self-knowledge, patriotism and love for the Fatherland, the veneration of shrines and state symbols, history, language and national culture, an explanation of the significance of peace and tranquility, political stability, national cohesion, national unity, respect and strict observance of the Constitution and laws, that is, ensuring the rule of law should be the sacred task of every citizen who is proud of his national state. At the same time, this important work is one of the main activities of all branches of government, government bodies and structures, spheres of science and education, educational institutions, parents, intellectuals, activists and civil society. Each of us must always remember one important thought, namely, that the most important condition for a person’s happiness is life in a well-appointed Motherland under a clear peaceful sky. And if peace and tranquility, political stability reign in the country, the unity of the nation and national unity are ensured, then all good goals and thoughts, plans and programs will be implemented, all socio-economic difficulties will be gradually eliminated. Only in this case will we be able to sustainably continue the construction of a democratic, legal and secular state, which, according to the political will of the people of Tajikistan, we have designated as our highest goal, and create decent and favorable living conditions for the country’s inhabitants. I emphasize once again that the political system of Tajikistan, that is, the democratic, legal, secular and social essence of the state, is irreversible, because it expresses the will and aspirations of the people of Tajikistan and is embodied in the Constitution. Our citizens, including adolescents and youth, the generation behind which the future of the country should always remember that the traitors of the nation and the Tajik state and their foreign patrons have not yet abandoned their hostile thoughts and intentions. Terrorism and extremism, religious radicalism and superstition today and in the future will remain the main threats to the region, in particular our Tajikistan. As I have said more than once, superstition is ignorance. Ignorance, which is a sign of low literacy and enlightenment, always leads to unhappiness and creates serious obstacles to the development of the state, improving conditions and living standards of the people. Therefore, we must always be alert, not to lose political vigilance, so as not to be taken by surprise and be prepared to defend the most sacred and great value of our existence, that is, the country’s independence and sovereignty. Our esteemed compatriots are well aware that recently the situation in the world community is rapidly changing, the process of globalization and the problems of mankind are becoming increasingly complicated. Along with the global financial and economic crisis, dangers and threats to security, especially terrorism, religious extremism, transnational organized crimes that greatly violate peace and tranquility in many regions and countries, today there are environmental problems, that is, climate change and warming, and their dire consequences such as drought, waterlessness, floods, and the spread of infectious diseases like the COVID-19 pandemic, have seriously endangered the lives of millions of people on the planet. Naturally, under such conditions, the importance and role of national self-awareness, feelings of patriotism, unity and mutual understanding of members of society, the interests of the state and nation increase many times over. I am sure that the inhabitants of the country, both old and young, and in the future, united under the banner of independence, will devote all their efforts and efforts to the development of the state, the improvement of the Motherland and the well-being of every home and family. Once again, I congratulate all the glorious people of Tajikistan and our foreign compatriots on the occasion of National Unity Day and wish each citizen of the country, first of all, good health, peace and tranquility, happiness and good luck, abundance and prosperity, and our beloved Tajikistan – eternal indestructible unity. Happy National Unity, dear compatriots!