Mahmadsaid Shohien

(03.18.1966), actor. He graduated from the theater and art faculty of the Tajik State Institute of Arts named M. Tursun-zade (1989) majoring in drama and film actor; Department of Commodity Science of Non-Food Products of Tajik Commercial Institute (1998) majoring in merchandising and merchandising. In 1989-1993 - actor of the State Academic Drama Theater named A. Lahuti; in 1993-1995 - Head of the cafe "Chashma" of the rental company "Ozod" in Dushanbe; in 1995 - director of the student nutrition association of the Dushanbe City Trade Administration; in 1995-1997 - Director of the School Food Association of the Oktyabrsky District of Dushanbe in 1997-2000 - Director of the self-supporting food supply association of the Oktyabrsky district of Dushanbe; in 2000-2001 - Deputy Director of the Tajikfilm Film Studio; in 2001-2005 - Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Television and Radio Broadcasting under the Government Republic of Tajikistan; in 2005-2009 - Director of the television "Safina"; in 2009-2011 - Director of the Tajikfilmstudio; From 2011-2013 - Head of the Department of Culture of the Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan; from 2013-2015 - First Deputy Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tajikistan; 2015-2020 - Chairman of the Committee on Television and Radio Broadcasting under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan; since January 2020, Director of the Tajikfilmstudio. On the stage of the Drama Theater named A. Lahuti he played the role of a student (the play “Exam”, directed by T. Akhmadkhonov, 1989), Ibod (“Tales of the Old Man” A. Mukhamedzhanov, 1989), Hafiz (“Borbad” B. Miralibekova, 1990), Sarboz (“Men Are Not cry "T. Akhmadkhonova, 1991), Rodrigo (" Sid "H. Maybalieva, 1993). He began acting in Tajik films in 1990. FILMOGRAPHY. He Played roles in feature films: “Tears and a Sword” (4 episodes, 1991), “A man and his two women” (1991), “Little Avenger” (1992), “It was - was not” (2002), “With a dream of a father” (2010), “Highlander” (2010), “Shore” (2011). Performed roles in the artistic the film "Shuravi" (film studio "Mosfilm", 1989). He takes an active part in dubbing Tajik films (Tajikfilm film studio, Safina television).