Mukhamedzhanov Ato Samuidinovich

(09.02.1940 – 09.09.2002), actor, Public Artist of Tajikistan (1981), USSR State Prize laureate (1984). Member of the Union of Cinematographers of the USSR (1986). He was awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples (1981),medal “For Valiant Labor. In commemoration of the centenary of the birth of V.I. Lenin (1970). He was a nugget artist who did not have a special professional education, with a wide range of creative possibilities. He was a master of dramatic roles of a psychological plan, playing in a restrained manner with deep understanding and accurate depiction of the hero’s human nature, able to convey the nature of a national character. After graduating from high school, he joined the troupe of the State Academic Drama Theater named A. Lahuti, on whose stage he played the leading roles of world and national classics, among which - Jason (Medea by Euripides), Suhrob (Rustam and SuhrobFirdousi), Ahmad Donish (Scientist Adham and others S. Ulug-zade ), the king (“Hamlet” by W. Shakespeare), Louis XVII (“The Cabal of the Holy” by M. Bulgakov), Bemvolio (“Romeo and Juliet” by W. Shakespeare), Mudge (“Rudaki” by S. Ulugzade), Mahsud ( “Scorched Hearts” by D. Ikrami), Kalandar (“Dohunda” by D. Ikrami), Victor Avalashvili (“When the City Sleeps” by A. Chkheidze), Saburov (“At the Crossroads” by N. Tabarov) and many others. The USSR State Prize was awarded for playing the role of the emir in the feature film "Youth of a Genius" ("Uzbekfilm", 1983). Honorary diploma of the U11 All-Union Film Festival in Baku (1974) for playing the role in the feature film "The Secret of the Forgotten Crossing." In the films "Tajikfilm" began acting in 1961. He starred in feature films, was a very sought-after actor. FILMOGRAPHY. He Played roles in feature films: The Banner of the Blacksmith (1961), “The Moneylender's Death” (1964), “Exposure” (1968), “Third Daughter” (1970), “Star in the Night” (1972), “The Secret of the Forgotten Crossing” (1973), “Tiger is Required” (1974), “ Who was Nobody ”(3 episodes, television, 1974),“ Gayurov’s Family Affairs ”(tel., 1975),“ The Tale of Siyavush ”(2 episodes, 1976),“ Nasretdin’s First Love ”(1977),“ And Happiness Is Near "(1978)," Youths the first morning "(3 episodes, tel., 1979)," Contact "(2 episodes, tel., 1981), “Criminal and Lawyers” (1981), “Family Secrets” (1983), “The Talking Spring” (1985), “Jura is a Hunter from Min-Arkhar” (6 episodes, tel., 1985), “Additional arrives on the second path ”(2 episodes, tel., 1986),“ The Lame Dervish ”(1986),“ Glance ”(1988),“ The Simple Life of Amin Bobo ”(short, 1988),“ Alien ”(1989),“ Apartment ”(tel. ., 1989), “Blessed Bukhara” (1991), “Moon Papa” (1999). He played roles in feature films of the joint production of the Sinamo film studio (Tajikistan) - TPO Catharsis (Kazakhstan): Alien Game (1990), Scout (1992), Island (1993), Imam al-Bukhori "(1995). Acting at the Uzbekfilm film studio: Meetings and Partings (1973), Meet at the High Snow (1981), Youth of the Genius (1983), "Reporting from the Abyss" (1983), "Alone" (1983), “Farewell to the green of summer” (1985).