The Navruz holiday is one of the most ancient and sacred traditions of our ancestors, marking the arrival of a beautiful spring and the original New Year.

    The uniqueness of Navruz is a sign of the development of the creative thinking of the people. After all, Navruz is a symbol of a new day, the beginning of the year, new beginnings and improvement actions.

The warm reception of this sacred national holiday, which is a symbol of self-awareness and self-knowledge, patriotism, national self-awareness and pride of the glorious people of our country, awakens in the hearts of people love for their mother and their homeland.

In this connection, on March 27, 2021, a cultural event dedicated to the International Day of  Navruz was held at the State Institution “Tojikfilm”, with the decoration of the Navruz table in accordance with the national rituals of “haftsin” and “haftshin”, demonstration of national costumes and preparation of national dishes.

At the beginning of the event, the director of the state institution “Tojikfilm” Mahmadsaid Shohiyon congratulated his colleagues on the arrival of spring and the International Day of Navruz.

In his speech, the director noted that Navruz has a history of more than six thousand years, dates back to the reign of Jamshed, is a great holiday of the Aryans and does not belong to any religion.

At the same time, it was emphasized that Navruz is an ancient Aryan holiday, and the Tajik people are its main heir.

During the event, a number of active employees were awarded with industry certificates and gratitude. The awards were presented by the director of GU “Tojikfilm” Mahmadsaid Shohiyon, the trade union committee of the institution and the department for youth affairs of the city of Dushanbe.