Dakhta Zaur Rustamovich is 85 years old.

DAKHTE Zavur Rustamovich, cameraman, Honored Worker of Culture of Tajikistan (1980), laureate of the award Lenin Komsomol of Tajikistan (1987), Academician of the Academy of Arts of Tajikistan (2010). He was awarded the Bronze Medal of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR (1980), the Order of Khizmati Shoista (For Valorous Labor, 2005). Excellence in cinematography of the USSR. Member of the Union of Cinematographers of the USSR (1968). In 1955-1958. studied at the International Children Boarding School (Ivanovo, Russia), where he became interested in photography. Graduated from the camera department of the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (1966). At the Tajikfilm film studio since 1959 – assistant cameraman, since 1961 – operator of documentaries, since 1970 – cameraman and director of feature films, since 1978 – cameraman and director of documentary films. The most focused interest of Dakhte Z.R. made films-ballets, children films, films-portraits.

Shooting these complex films in terms of filming technology, the operator never resorted to catchy effects in the frame. In the last decade, he has worked mainly as a photo artist, the author of many republican and international exhibitions.

FILMOGRAPHY. Operator of documentaries:,Everything for You,(1960),,At the Behest of the Heart,(co-operator, 1962),,In broad daylight,(co-operator, 1963), “Abdurahman Jami” (1964), “Our Contemporaries” (1965), “Spring Greetings to Russia” (co-operator, 1967), “The Art of Tajiks” stana,(1969),,Our Boki,(1969),,Decade of Friendship,(co-operator, 1970),,Lessons of the Spartakiad,(co-operator, 1971),,My brother Gulyam,(co- operative tor, 1971),,Cinema of Soviet Tajikistan,(1971),,On Earth, in Heaven and at Sea,(co-operator, 1971),,White Gold of the Motherland,(co-operator, 1971),,Reflection,(1972),,Today and every day ”(1973),“ Golden Jubilee of Tajikistan ”(co-operator, 1974),“ X111 All-Union Film Festival ”(co-operator, 1980),“ Afghan Guests in Tajikistan ”(co-operator, 1980),“ Jubilee of Tajik Cinema ”(1980) ,,The Greatness of Avicenna,(1980),,Holiday of Friendship and Brotherhood,(co-operator, 1981),,Mirzo-Tursun-zade – 70,(co-operator, 1981),,Nurek without legends,(1982),,The Great Power of Friendship,(co-operator, 1982),,Our Malika,(1983),,Enter Your House,(1983),,Routes of Friendship,(co-operator, 1984),,Birth,(co-operator, 1984),,Kindness,(1985),,Sunny Holiday of the Republic,(co- operator, 1985),,Origins,(1985),,Tiru Kamon,(co-operator, 1986),,How Much Does an Idea Weigh?,(1986),,September Meetings,(co- operator, 1987),,… And happiness in my personal life,(1987),,And I live with the wind,(co- scriptwriter, 1987),,A Drop in the Sea,(1988),,Ustod,(films 1 and 11, 1988),,How Are You Doing,(1988),,Countrymen,(1989),,Chronicle of Memory,(1989) ,,Earthquake,(1989),,Happened to me to enter into a happy day,(1990),,Sophia Tuybaeva,(1991),,Hand of the Great Master,(2000). Director and cameraman of documentaries:,Malika,(1966),,Hafiz Sherozi,(1971),,Registered in the Sky,(1982),,Interview,(1983). Operator of the documentary film,In the name of childhood,(film studio,Sinamo", 1990). Director of photography for feature films:,Meeting at the Old Mosque,(1969),,There are Different Roads,(1970),,Four from Chorsang,(2 episodes, television, 1972),,Hello, Kind Man,(1973), ,A tiger is required,(tel., 1974),,Brave Chirac,(1976),,Once upon a time in the first grade,(1977),,A man changes his skin,(5 episodes, tel., 1978). Operator of combined filming of feature films: “Rustam and Sukhrob,(1971),,Four from Chorsang,(2 episodes, tel., 1972),,One life is not enough,(1973),,Tiger is required,(tel., 1974),,Who will go to Truskavets ,(tel., 1976). Director and cameraman for the satirical newsreel,Fitil;, many newsreels,Soviet Tajikistan.

Zaur Rustamovich began his career at Tajikfilm and improved his art and craft until retirement age, and still cooperates with the State Institution Tojikfilm giving advice and helping young people.

In this regard, today the director of the State Institution Tojikfilm Mahmadsaid Shohiyon solemnly congratulated the hero of the day Dakhte Zaur Rustamovich on his 85th birthday, expressed gratitude for his invaluable contribution to the development of national cinema and expressed his deep gratitude. Taking this opportunity, we once again cordially congratulate Dakhta Zaur Rustamovich on the 85th spring of her life and wish her happiness, happy life and prosperity.

May they always remain healthy and strong.
Happy Birthday!
Administration of the State Institution Tojikfilm