The state institution “Tojikfilm” together with the Committee for Environmental Protection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan began filming a new documentary film about rare animals and the unique nature of the beautiful land of Tajikistan.

The development and shooting of the film has already begun, the world of flora and fauna, as well as beautiful landscapes and the unique nature of the country will be reflected on the movie screen.

The film tells about the markhor goat (Markhor), which is one of the rare animals in our country, which is taken care of and bred in the Dashtijum Reserve.

The creative and technical group of the State Institution “Tojikfilm” went to the Dashtijum region to get acquainted with the lifestyle of this animal, explore the majestic mountains, fascinating landscapes and the most beautiful landscapes of this remote corner of the country.

The purpose of the documentary is to reveal the secrets of the magical nature of Tajikistan, flora and fauna, to attract tourists.

The film will be presented to moviegoers in three languages.

Administration Tojikfilm