NIYOZOV Gozi Jamilovich (1922-1966), theater and film actor. He was awarded the Orders of Lenin, the Red Banner of Labor, six orders and seven military medals of the Great Patriotic War of various degrees. Since 1958 – actor of the Academic Drama Theater named after I. A. Lakhuti, on whose stage he played roles in the leading performances of the theater: “Rudaki”, “Exam”, “King Lear”, “Romeo and Juliet” and many others. Started acting in Tajik films in 1956 at the invitation of B.A. Kimyagarov, who highly appreciated the talent of this actor.
FILMOGRAPHY: Played roles in feature films: “I Met a Girl” (1956),
The Fate of a Poet (1959), Leili and Majnun (1960), Operation Cobra (1960), Banner of the Blacksmith (1961), Zumrad (1962), Death of the Usurer (1966). Documentary films have been made about the fate of Gozi Niyozov: “Tajikistan” (1946), “Gozi Niyozov” (1992).