SAIDMURADOV John Sultanovich (11/07/1933 – 02/05/2004), actor. Member of the Union for the filmmakers of the USSR (1990). Awarded with certificates of honor of the Supreme Soviet of the Tajik SSR, the Central Committee of the Komsomol, the Central Committee of the Komsomol of Tajikistan. Graduated from the acting department

Theater School. M. Shchepkina (Moscow, 1958). After graduation, he was an actor of the Tajik Academic Drama Theater named after. A. Lakhuti, in 1961-1962. – host of the Tajik State Philharmonic. In the national cinema since 1957 – actor, assistant director of the dubbing sector. Since 1976 – senior methodologist of the House of Cinema named after B. Kimyagarov of the Union of Cinematographers of Tajikistan, in 1988 he returned as an assistant director to the dubbing sector
film studio “Tajikfilm”.

FILMOGRAPHY. Played roles in feature films: “I Met a Girl” (1957),
“A man changes his skin” (2 episodes, 1960), “It’s time for my son to marry” (1960), “12 hours of life” (1962),
“Layli and Majnun” (1963), “There Will Be No Silence” (1963), “Hurricane in the Valley” (1970), “The Bodyguard” (1979), “My Love is a Revolution” (1980), “Today and Always” ( 1981), “Capture” (1982), “Hostage” (1983), “Jura the Hunter from Min-Arhar” (6 episodes, TV, 1985), “Lame Dervish” (1987), “Alien” (1989), Wolf’s Funeral (short, 1988), Idol (1989), Waking Dream (short, 1990). Performer of the role in the feature film “The Collapse of the Emirate” (joint production of the “Mosfilm” and “Uzbekfilm” studios, 1955). For 30 years of working in the cinema, he has dubbed more than
250 roles in feature films.