December 21, 1929, Stalinabad – May 31, 2002. Dushanbe

Tajik actor, director, screenwriter.

People’s Artist of the Tajik SSR (1966).

In the forties he was an actor of mimance and ballet of the Tajik Opera and Ballet Theater named after S. Aini.
In 1951 he graduated from the acting department of the Tashkent Theater and Art Institute named after I. A. N. Ostrovsky.

Since 1952 – teacher of the Tajik studio of the theater school named after M.S.Schepkin (Moscow).

In 1956 he graduated from the directing department of GITIS.

Since 1956 – actor and director of the Tajikfilm film studio.

He starred in the films “The Road” (1955), “Dohunda” (1956), “Inimitable Spring” (1957), “Nasreddin in Khujand, or The Enchanted Prince” (1959).
The second director on the films “I Met a Girl” (1957), “High Position” (1958), “A Man Changes His Skin” (1959).
Laureate of the State Prize of the Tajik SSR named after A. Rudaki (1980).
Order of the Badge of Honor (1971)
Order of the “Red Banner of Labor” (1991)
Order “Sharaf” (1999)
Diploma – International Film Festival of Asia, Africa and Latin America in Tashkent (1967) for the film “The Death of a Usurer”
Prize – XIII All-Union Film Festival in Dushanbe (1980) for the film “Meeting in the Gorge of Death”
Four main prizes – III All-Union Fairy Tale Film Festival in Vilnius (1984)
First Prize – All-Union Film Festival in Moscow (1984)
Prize and diploma – International Film Festival of Asian, African and Latin American Countries in Tashkent (1986) for the film “And Another Night of Scheherazade”
The main prize – the International Film Festival in Cairo (1987) “The Golden Sword of Damascus” for the cycle of films based on fairy tales “1001 Nights”
Prize and diploma – All-Union Film Festival “Fairy Tale” in Moscow (1988) for the film “New fairy tales of Scheherazade”