софия туйбаева


January 30, 1913 – October 25, 1996, Dushanbe.

Tajik actress.
People’s Artist of the Tajik SSR (1941).

From the mid-1920s, she took part in performances of the school amateur circle in Bukhara, then in performances of the local Uzbek theater. In 1929-1931 – actress of the Theater. Khamza, since 1931 – the Theater. Lakhuti (Dushanbe).
In her work, she developed the theme of a woman’s struggle for freedom, for the right to happiness, the theme of passionate protest against violence and oppression. Creativity is characterized by deep emotionality and high drama, lyrical subtlety, charm, the organic unity of the speech and plastic figure of the role, the thoroughness of finishing the details. The actress had a great artistic culture, a sense of proportion. She played comedic roles freely, at ease and gracefully.

She took part in dubbing films into Tajik.
Dilbar (“Two Communists” by Yashen, 1931), Tursun (“Khujum” by Yana, 1931), Shirin (“Struggle” by Usmanov, 1933), Louise (“Cunning and Love”), Desdemona; Bakhtiyar (“Slander” by Saidmuradov and Ismailov), Gurdo-farid (“Rustam and Sukhrob” by Pirmukhammed-zade and Volkenstein), Laurencia (1942), Juliet (1947); Saodat (play of the same name by Saidmuradov and Rabiev, 1948), Lyubov Yarovaya (1955); Shi Ping (“Typhoon” by Cao Yu, 1958), Sarvar (“Mother’s Sentence” by Ansori, 1962), Krupskaya (“Hurricane” by Kiyamov and Abdullo, 1957), Tuanet (“The Imaginary Sick”), Poshlepkina (“The Inspector General”), Kholniso (“Silk Suzane” by Kakhhara), Gulbaby (“Heart Gives Heart to Heart” by Kiyamov and Moroz).
She was awarded three Orders of the Red Banner of Labor (1941, 1949, 1957), the Order of Lenin (1954); medals “For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War” (1945), “For Valiant Labor. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of VI Lenin “(1970),” Veteran of Labor “(1976); four certificates of honor of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Tajik SSR, certificates of honor of the Supreme Soviet of the Tajik SSR and the Supreme Soviet of the Uzbek SSR.